• 14 Jun 19
  • Posted by The Founding Editors

International Youth Blog Competition

Tell us why sustainable development research matters

GDN and its partners invite young graduates and researchers under the age of 30 to explore and share their faith in developing a sound knowledge base, and engaging in high-quality, sustainable, development research. We ask you to identify a good piece of research (or several of them) that has impacted, or can impact, sustainable development. It can be your own research, or that of others. It has to be published in a peer-review journal or in a recognized working paper series. We ask you to submit a blog that makes the case for sustainable development research, by explaining how the piece you identified has provided useful insights to opinion leaders, policy makers and other stakeholders, and translated into influential debate or effective action. This is therefore not an exercise in summarizing a research paper. What we ask is to document the impact of good sustainable development research, by providing narratives based on convincing examples. The organizers will also accept blog posts that criticize the potential usefulness of current development research.

Blog submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis by a selection committee consisting of the Founding Editors of GlobalDev, #K4SD Conference Director and international scholars. Till 15 August 2019, up to 30 contributions will be selected on a rolling basis. The authors of the selected contributions will be invited to attend GDN’s 2019 Global Development Conference (Bonn, October 23-25) and will have their travel, hotel and visa expenses fully covered by GDN. However, they will have to apply for and secure their visas. In addition, their contributions will be considered for publication on the blog, GlobalDev, subject to a successful editorial collaboration, in English, between them and the Blog editorial team.

Submit your article in English, French or Spanish at: K4SDblog@gdn.int

Follow this link for mor information.